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Topics important to Credit Suisse

Contributions from the Credit Suisse World – selected for you:

  • Economy

    Sector Handbook: An Optimistic Outlook for the Most Important Sectors

    The new Sector Handbook 2017 shows that Switzerland has largely overcome the franc shock of early 2015. However, the recovery has yet to fully reach every sector.

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    According to the outlook issued by the Economic Research unit at Credit Suisse, the mechanical, electrical, and metal industries (MEM industries) will begin to grow again in 2017 for the first time in two years. This is due to the stabilization of the Swiss franc exchange rate and solid economic growth in buyer countries. Forecasts also point toward growth in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and the healthcare sector.

    By contrast, the Economic Research unit at Credit Suisse expects a decline in the watch sector.

    We have created a summary of the causes behind these trends and the key findings of the study.

  • Stability

    Globalization: Despite the Instability of Recent Times, There is Hope

    "We live in a dangerous time," says historian Harold James. He explains what he means by this and how he views globalization in this interview.

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    60-year-old Harold James is a professor at Princeton University and specialist in economic history. James believes that: “Globalization has left a bitter aftertaste since it has brought with it numerous negative changes. Instability and uncertainty are increasing as a result. And yet there is still hope for the bleak situation that the world finds itself in: Innovations are possible in the medical sector.”

    You can read the complete interview with Harold James here.

  • Investment

    Investment Outlook: Thematic Investment Produces Returns

    Good investment opportunities are available, even in 2017: Although our experts predict only moderate earnings power in core asset classes, their assessment shows that thematic investment can compensate for this.

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    Thematic investment involves identifying future-oriented themes and trends for the investor to focus on in the future.

    Our experts believe that this is a highly promising approach to take in 2017. The most attractive investment themes are expected to be the search for growth and sources of return, as well as risk diversification.

    For more information about thematic investments, see our Investment Outlook 2017.