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Bonviva Lost-Key Service

Lost? Found with the Bonviva Lost-Key Service

Free for Bonviva clients: With the Bonviva key tag, lost keys find their way home. The person finding the keys drops them in any Swiss post box. Received anonymously at Credit Suisse, the owner is identified using the number engraved on the key tag and the key ring is returned.

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Contributions from the Credit Suisse World – selected for you:

  • Economy

    Global Wealth Report: No Global Increase in Wealth for the First Time

    How has global wealth developed? One thing is clear: The Swiss are eleven times wealthier than the average world citizen.

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    In its Global Wealth Report, the Credit Suisse Research Institute regularly publishes the results of a worldwide study of wealth development in over 200 countries.

    After years in which it has risen, global wealth is now stagnating for the first time since 2008 compared to the value of the previous year. The Swiss are eleven times wealthier than the average world citizen. Globally, the wealthiest ten percent own 89 percent of all assets.

    These and many other interesting facts can be found in the new Global Wealth Report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

    Global Wealth Report: The key findings of our experts summarized for you.

  • Society

    Worry Barometer: Optimism Growing, Top Worries Remain the Same

    The 2016 Worry Barometer shows that optimism is growing in Switzerland. Trust in politics and public authorities is on the rise. Although the main worries such as unemployment, foreigners, and retirement provision still preoccupy people, the importance of these concerns has declined.

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    What are the major concerns of people in Switzerland? How much confidence do they have in decision-makers in the fields of politics, business, and society? Credit Suisse conducts an annual Worry and Identity Barometer survey to examine these issues.

    The current results of the study show that the trend has changed and the mood is becoming more optimistic. Although the top worries that Swiss people have are still the same as in previous years, the threat perceived in relation to them has receded. For example, only 45 percent of those surveyed named unemployment as their main worry. That figure was 56 percent and 63 percent respectively in the previous years.

    In addition, trust in institutions is high. 60 percent of the Swiss have confidence in the decision-makers in the political and business worlds.

    In summary: You can find the key results of the 2016 Worry Barometer here.

  • Technology

    Electric Car Boom: Rising Demand for Natural Resources

    Battery-operated vehicles are the latest trend. This means increased demand for natural resources such as lithium, cobalt, and graphite.

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    In the next five years, demand for electric vehicles and electric storage systems is expected to grow by an annual average of 10 to 20%. Falling battery costs, stricter emission values, and regulatory incentives are supporting this trend.

    New battery technologies mean growing demand for natural resources. In particular, lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel, aluminum, and copper are increasingly needed.

    To find out what the consequences of this are and why batteries are booming now, read our “Beneficiaries of the Electric Vehicle Boom” article.