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Topics important to Credit Suisse

Contributions from the Credit Suisse World – selected for you:

  • Investment

    Make a Difference with Impact Investing

    Impact investors promote social and environmental change. At the same time, they generate financial returns. Find out more about this emerging form of investment.

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    Impact investing aims to promote measurable social and environmental changes. The invested capital is used to support a good cause.

    In this respect, the investment form goes one step further than sustainable or responsible investments.

    In an interview, our experts Julia Balandina Jaquier and Oliver Rousset explain for whom impact investing is suitable, and how the future might look for this type of investment.

    Read interview: Impact Investing – Catalyzing Wealth for Change

  • Economy

    What Direction Will Monetary Policy Take?

    The newest report from the Credit Suisse Research Institute on "The Future of Monetary Policy" deals with the changed role of central banks and the related impact on monetary policy. Where is this taking us?

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    Since the financial crisis of 2008, central banks have had to accept an expansion of their mandates. They are no longer simply responsible for traditional macroeconomic goals, such as price stability and low unemployment, but also for financial stability and economic growth. Can central banks bounce back to the “normal” of pre-crisis times? Or are we entering a new phase of fiscal dominance?

    The Credit Suisse Research Institute explores two possible scenarios in its report on “The Future of Monetary Policy.”

    Our experts have summarized the most important findings and consequences in the article “The Future of Monetary Policy, Shaped by the Past.”

    Our experts have summarized the most important findings and consequences in the article “The Future of Monetary Policy, Shaped by the Past.”

  • Economy

    Sector Handbook: An Optimistic Outlook for the Most Important Sectors

    The new Sector Handbook 2017 shows that Switzerland has largely overcome the franc shock of early 2015. However, the recovery has yet to fully reach every sector.

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    According to the outlook issued by the Economic Research unit at Credit Suisse, the mechanical, electrical, and metal industries (MEM industries) will begin to grow again in 2017 for the first time in two years. This is due to the stabilization of the Swiss franc exchange rate and solid economic growth in buyer countries. Forecasts also point toward growth in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and the healthcare sector.

    By contrast, the Economic Research unit at Credit Suisse expects a decline in the watch sector.

    We have created a summary of the causes behind these trends and the key findings of the study.